WiFi Marketing FAQ’s

Q. What is Wi-Fi Marketing?

A.  Simply put it is the ability to capture visitors information at the time they sign in to your free Wi-Fi network and to market to them afterwards., including after they have left the venue.

Q. Is it secure?

A.  Security includes:

  • 2 additional personal Wi-Fi channels
  • Data holding in compliance with legal requirements
  • Bandwidth limiting per user
  • SSL encryption of traffic

Q. Can time limits and constraints be set on usage of the Wi-Fi service?

A.  Bandwidth limits, time limits and download limits can be set for the venue or for individual devices within the venue.

Q. How can it help my marketing?

A.  It provides detailed information on the demographics of your visitors that are delivered in easy to understand meaningful reports. Plus you get direct email access to all your venues visitors that login to your Wi-Fi.

Q. Why do I need it?

A.  Get a return on the investment that you have made to provide Wi-Fi and gain on-going marketing opportunities to increase your revenue.

Q. Are there ways of monetising the Wi-Fi service that I offer?

A.  Yes through special offers and coupons, through sponsorship of the Wi-Fi service and by building a marketing strategy from the reports that are produced.

Q.  What are the standard features?

A.  The numerous features include:

Social features
• Social login
• Likes and Follows via registration process
• A social post of your choosing when customers log on
• Social media management tool
• Automated email marketing tool
• Promotional voucher creation
Fully brandable login screen

Custom URL redirect
• Brandable landing page
• 2 additional personal Wi-Fi channels
• Data holding in compliance with legal requirements
• Bandwidth limiting per user
• SSL encryption of traffic
Data & analytics
• Number of visitors
• Customer gender, age & location
• Type of device used
• Time of visit
• Access to individual customer data

Q. Will My Venue Wi-Fi integrate with my existing data systems?

A.  Yes, your data can be integrated into external systems such as email marketing systems.

Q. Can coupons be defined?

A. Yes coupons can be branded by business or venue.

Q. How many users will the system support?

A.  The base system will support around 40 concurrent users, but systems can be provided that can support 100s if not 1000s of users.

Q. Do I need a separate system for my business use?

No, the system can provide 2 additional personal Wi-Fi channels that can be secured individually.

Q. What are the sign in options?

At present the sign in options are by use of social login via: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram or by a separate email form. For businesses with multiple venues seamless login can be setup across all venues.

Q. Can the sign in screen be changed?

Yes the sign in screen can be changed to suit the businesses requirements, i.e. seasonal offers, change of sponsorship or rebranding.

Q. How do I get offers to my visitors?

The built in email marketing system can be used to deliver offers on either an ad hoc or scheduled basis. Special offers can be made for special occasions, i.e. birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Q. How do I utilise the data the system provides?

A number of reports can be created on a regular basis from the demographic information that is collected.

Q. Can I get Facebook Likes from visitors?

Facebook likes cannot be automatically generated, but visitors can be asked to Like your Facebook page.

Q. Where do I get support?

We operate a support ticketing system across all the products that we supply which can be accessed here.