Use Your W-Fi To Market Your Business

Are You Giving Away Wi-Fi And Not Seeing A Return?

Your a good business owner right, you want your customers to be happy so you give them access to Wi-Fi

Good so now your customers are happy; they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc while they’re still in your establishment.

But not so good for you, there’s no obvious return!

happy customers

Is It Paying Off?

wifi measurement

This is the big question – have you got any way of knowing if making this Wi-Fi available to your customers is even giving you a return?

Its very difficult to put some sort of measure on it.  Free Wi-Fi vs customer spend, well you could always take it away and see if takings drop as a way of taking a sample measure.

How About You Do A Swap?

Fair exchange is no robbery right?  So consider this.

How about you give them FREE Wi-Fi and in return your customers advertise your business to their social media contacts for FREE!

As a bonus they give you permission to send valium them offers and promotions both during their stay and after they’ve left.

a fair trade

No Passwords To Give Out

stress free zone

Well I said fair trade, not quite true because this is really loaded in your favour!

How so?

You and your staff don’t have to give out passwords saving time.

Your customers give you their social media information, including their interests, so you can give them more of what they like.

Plus every time they come back they tell their social media contacts where they are, more free advertising for your business.

How about if there is away to off set the costs of giving away this Wi-Fi?

Too Good To Be True?

Actually no its not.   It’s real and it’s available now!

It’s secure, it’s safe and it’s legal.

So focus your budget on your business essentials.

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