Social Marketing in Real-time

Providing free Wi-Fi in your restaurant encourages customers to stay at the table for longer periods, which can increase spend by up to 20%, ordering extra drinks and sometimes an extra course.

By using Restaurant Wi-Fi and social marketing in real-time this value can be increased by encouraging return visits, through social media and directly by email.

People visiting restaurants can fall into three categories; local customers, tourists or business people.

Local Customers

These customers can be the most loyal you are likely to get and can be great ambassadors for your business. With Restaurant Wi-Fi you can:

  • Give away free Wi-Fi, giving them just another reason to come back
  • Promote your business through them to their local friends and family
  • Send offers for times when you launch special offers, new menu items or to fill up those quite times


If your restaurant gets a tourist trade you can gain more from them by:

  • Let them know you offer a free Wi-Fi service so they can catch up with their social media and emails, through window stickers
  • Send promotions direct to them during their stay to get their ambien repeat business

Business People

Letting business people know your Wi-Fi is free can be a great draw:

  • If they are staying at a hotel they may have to pay for their Wi-Fi
  • They can catch up with emails and the office while they visit
  • They will be more likely to spend with you than with the competition
  • Send promotions to them and encourage their return
  • Offer group bookings for the business as a whole

Other Benefits

By providing visitors with Restaurant Wi-Fi you can ask them to “Like” or “Follow” your restaurant automatically promoting your business to those they are connected with, this is real-time marketing.

When they return you can specify the message that they send out to their social media friends, such as, “I’m at The Swan, West Malling enjoying the food, wine & free Wi-Fi”.

People are influenced by recommendations from those they know and trust, so your business receiving “Likes”, “Follows” and having messages posted by people at your venue can’t be under estimated.

So give away Wi-Fi to your customers, for free, and release the power of real-time social recommendations for your business.

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