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How Our Wi-Fi Service Works For Restaurants

Interestingly, a recent survey revealed that 87% of people make a purchasing decision based on the recommendations of a friend, so a simple endorsement by everyone using your Restaurant Wi-Fi service will make a real difference.

To capitalise on this, our Restaurant Wi-Fi system combines the power of both Social Media and free Wi-Fi giving you the best of both worlds.

With our system, customers access the wireless network using their social networking, accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When customers go online they’re met with a customised splash page promoting offers such as menus – or whatever else you want to promote. It is no longer necessary for them to seek out a member of staff for the Wi-Fi login details nor is there a long form to fill in, people log in using their social network profiles, allowing them to share information about the Restaurant with their friends and followers.

When logging in, with a simple click, a message gets posted to all their friends telling them where they are and that they are enjoying the facilities and free Wi-Fi service of your Restaurant.


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Does Your Free Wi-Fi Give You Anything In Return?

Most Restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi get nothing in return. With our Restaurant Wi-Fi service the marketing opportunities are endless, including the ability to contact ambien customers long after they have left the Restaurant. Remember, not everyone using your Restaurant will be a regular customer, so you would not normally have anyway to contact them.

There are a number of ways in which you can monetise our service:

Sponsorship of your Wi-Fi service

  1. Ongoing email campaigns
  2. Special birthday offers
  3. Coupons to those who’ve previously used your Wi-Fi service
  4. Redirection of those that use your Wi-Fi to a webpage of your choice
  5. Additional revenue from your Wi-Fi users.

Further, it has also been shown that the average Facebook user has 190 friends and research has shown that a Facebook like is worth around £85. So if by using this system you get just one like per day this is a value of £2,500 each and every month apart from which their recommendation will reach around 5,700 people – that’s the power of Wi-Fi marketing!

The online statistics from the system let you really understand your customers by telling you who come in, how often they come in and how long they stay.  It will also give you a gender and age range breakdown of your customers. You can get companies to sponsor your free Wi-Fi by placing their ad on the login screen which will provide a strong revenue stream. By knowing who visits your hotel are you can send out emails to keep in contact with them and you can reward your guests and visitors with a wide variety of vouchers and special offers.

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