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If you’ve wondered about putting off using Social Media for your local business until ‘you can be certain it’s here for good’ then you might want to get a move on.  That day is here! In fact it’s been and gone and pretty soon those who haven’t jumped on board are going to feel as though they’re playing catch up – and that just isn’t a good sensation when you’re in business.

This article shows how a rather average looking bloke, Chris King, has been transformed into a sought after hero.  Did he lift a car up to rescue ativan someone trapped underneath? No.  Perhaps he jumped from a tall building to save a pussy from a blaze?  No.  He wrote a letter to a three year old about tigers and giraffes which was shared 152,000 times on Facebook.

Now, you may decide that using Social Media isn’t appropriate within your marketing strategy, and that may well be true, but it can only be relied upon if the decision has been made from and informed position and reasoned judgement.

The article makes a nice little read if nothing else.


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