Mobile Websites

What is the mobile web?

Think about how many people you see out and about with smart phones in hand – checking emails on the go – texting friends and family – watching videos and surfing the web. It’s a growing trend and businesses who tap into the mobile communication stream are profiting and growing their businesses.

Businesses, both large and small are implementing mobile marketing strategies to bring in customers, move inventory, increase appointments and increase revenues. No matter what your small business is or does, you can profit using low-cost mobile marketing strategies.

No matter what your small business does or where you are located, mobile marketing can benefit you. Mobile marketing is so successful because it is easy to implement, requires little technical knowledge and is one of the most affordable modes of advertising and promotion.

Ian Carrington, Google’s director of mobile advertising recently said, “Businesses need to get mobile in order to provide a positive user experience for their customers. At the moment, businesses are not keeping up with consumers.”

Desk top site on mobile

desktop site on mobile device

Responsive site on mobile

responsive site on mobile

Mobile site on mobile

mobile site on mobile

Accessing the web

More people are accessing the web from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  These provigil devices have different requirements to laptop and desktop computers.  The screen is much smaller and bandwidth is smaller which means they cannot deal with large files or images as well as a computer.

Most businesses have a streamlined mobile version of their regular websites.  Mobile sites are designed to be displayed on a much smaller screen paying particular attention to legibility of text.  Excessive images and Flash animations are removed to ensure the website runs quickly and smoothly.  This means that visitors have a much better experience when accessing from their mobile device and are more likely to visit the site again.

Advantages of having a mobile website:

  • Mobile users have the facility to click to call,  email or get directions to your location, with just the touch of a button
  • Target customers that are on the move
  • There is a natural extension to other technologies such as Apps and social media including video
  • Google loves a mobile site so this will help with your Search Engine rankings
  • Other forms of marketing such as SMS can be bolted on to your site
  • Coupon marketing can be used when you want to drive more people to your site on any given day

Due to the layout of mobile sites its likely a smartphone user can get to the information they need more quickly than a regular visitor