Reaching out with your marketing to find new customers while still keeping your original customers happy is a balancing act that quite often takes up a lot of time and effort.

If you could get your customers to take some off this marketing load off you how much simpler would your marketing be? Suppose everyone of your customers told 25 of their friends about your business in a positive way how much extra business would this generate for you?

Did you know that 87% of people make a purchasing decision based on a recommendation of a friend?

To give an idea of the kind of impact this can have.  It has been shown that the average Facebook user has 190 friends and research has shown that a Facebook like is worth around £85. So if by using this system you get just one like per day this is a value of £2500 each and every month and it will diflucan reach around 5,700 people.

What if you could get the majority of your customers that log on to your Wi-Fi to  recommend your business to their friends for you?  How quickly could you achieve that value per month?

For most businesses that kind of marketing spend would be out of reach but by leveraging Social Wi-Fi Marketing it quickly becomes a realistic target.  For a minimal annual cost your best source of referral, your happy customers, can be utilised to spread the word about your business.

In summary, 87% of people make a purchasing decision based on a recommendation and by providing a free Wi-Fi service driven through social media your customers will be recommending your business to their social circles and in return you get to know who they are, how often they visit, how long they stay, what their interests are and you can also interact in real time all for a very small monthly investment.