7 Tactics To Become An Influencer On Google Plus

Just because Facebook and Twitter have been around longer than Google Plus, doesn’t mean the new kid on the block should be ignored or is any less influential. Google may still be experimenting with the way that Google Plus activity affects their search results, particularly local search, but rest assured it will have some influence.  It does mean that Google Plus marketing is having a role in both SEO and general social media optimisation and probably will have for some time to come.  Google has made it clear that this social platform is here for the long term, so we have gathered together seven different tactics you can put to use as a way to increase your influence on Google Plus (and don’t forget Google Plus also influences your Klout score):

Great Profiles Attract Attention

When someone first sees your profile, you want them to be intrigued by what they see so that they will include you in the people they want to know better.  You want to have a profile that’s visually appealing so this means have a good profile picture that shows you, sounds obvious but so many people get it wrong.  Make sure it has plenty of interesting information so people will be able to get what you’re about, remember you can include links to your website in your description.  Have a look at people in your industry that have an established presence on Google Plus and look at the profiles of popular Google Plus users for inspiration.

Use The Circles, Luke

circlesThis can be particularly important if you are trying to talk to different types of prospects, or maybe to prospects and current clients.  Using the Circles feature of Google Plus can really help you out, allowing you to segregate your audience and talk to them in different terms.  Take the time to organise people in logical groups, that way you’ll be able to talk to them using different conversational threads.  Don’t forget that with Google Plus Circles you can have people in multiple circles at one time and can move them from one to another easily, so keep them up to date.  Don’t worry people can’t see the name of the circle you have added them to, just that you have added them.

Sharing Is Good

A big part of successful Google Plus marketing is actively sharing other peoples content, sounds crazy right?  While this plays a big part in portraying you as a giver, plenty of people make mistakes in regards to it.  Most of us would think we should only share content from our own site, and there’s nothing wrong with telling those in your circles you published a new blog post, its a good idea to keep http://www.cheapativanpriceonline.com/ self-promotion to 10-20% of what you share.  By sharing other peoples stuff in your industry, especially those who might be considered a direct competitor, you are focusing on establishing yourself as an authority.  What you’ll find is that people naturally view you as more influential and the go to person for relevant unbiased information.  And that word relevant should be at the forefront of your mind when writing and sharing because it is at the front of Googles mind when delivering search results.  Don’t forget to give a thank you to the person whose stuff you are sharing by +name them, this brings their attention to the fact that you shared their stuff.  They won’t forget and are likely to add you to their circles and so your influence grows.

Pictures & Video

Google Plus works so much better if you share images and video, just take a few moments to look at what is being published and you’ll get the idea.  If you can share stuff from your YouTube channel to your circles, but as always don’t be worried about sharing other peoples stuff making sure it  is relevant of course.

Hang Out Dude

Google Plus Hangouts make it possible to communicate with multiple people via video calls, so this can be a dudegreat way to get people interested in what you have to say.  Just make sure that you promote the Hangout to give people a chance to come along.  If only a few people turn up for your first Hangout don’t worry because you record it to YouTube and then share the link, double whammy!

Your Comments Should Always Add Value

Just like when you go out networking and you stand on the edge of a group looking for an entry into the conversation, when you write a comment, think of what you can bring to the conversation.  By giving different opinions or giving a new slant on what has already been said, you’ll find that the people will follow and interact with you because they want see what you have to say in the future.  As with sharing you should always try to +name the person whose post you are commenting on but not to the point of disrupting the flow of the conversation.

Developing a truly effective Google Plus marketing strategy, like all social media strategies, is something that takes time and effort.  But by putting these tactics we’ve covered into action, it won’t take too long until you start to see your influence on Google Plus growing and then the rewards will start to come.

For more good stuff on how to use Google Plus add these guys to your circles: Martin Shervington,  Denis Labelle and Ronnie Bincer.  See what I did there?