Do you know who makes up your customer base?

By that I don’t mean do you know their first name.  I mean do you know the demographics and physcographics of your customer base?  Do you understand them and make sure that they get a good experience.

Do you know who, in general terms, are your customers?

  • Dads who tinker with the car on the weekends?
  • Career-driven mothers who drop the kids off at school by car on their way to the office?
  • End of day workers from the local building site?
  • Perhaps all of these?

Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers is crucial to offering them what they need and want.

Your customer base can’t be everyone, you know that, right?

Looking at the examples above, what types of things would drive that person to make a purchasing decision? What things would they find insulting or demeaning, what are their interests?

You could try doing some guesswork about how each one is likely to react to different things you might try to get them interested in what you have to offer.

You may have detailed records, which tell you what times you did better or worse. You could also have records of offers and promotions you have tried and what advertising you did then.

You should at least phentermine know when you adjusted prices up or down and what impact that had on sales?

Get Your Customers To Tell You

There is a way that you can get them to give all this information to you and you’ll be doing them a service at the same time.

It is stated in the marketing fraternity that

Understanding your customer and marketing to them in the right tone of voice, with the right content, and at the right time of day will guarantee more sales. 

Nowadays we all want and generally expect free Wi-Fi whenever we go to a venue, so why not get this to work in your favour and collect this customer data at the same time?

When you understand them, and believe me when you start collecting this data that won’t take long, you can market back to them giving them exactly what they’re interested in.

So if you want to know who really makes up your customer base so that you can give them a better experience and keep them coming back for more.

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