Email Marketing Launches New Web Academy!

Email Marketing JokeAt a recent workshop by The Ruby Marketers for the Kent University Business School to help the retailers of Rochester High Street to boost their sales, the topic of email marketing generated most questions.  Business owners wanted to know how to send out newsletters to customers and how to get one of those pesky little opt-in boxes (the thing that collects a name and email address) onto their website or Facebook Page.

But Is Email Marketing even worth it any more?

With so many media channels available now, it’s not surprising that businesses are becoming overwhelmed trying to embrace the exciting new developments.  So it’s understandable that the old die hards like email (it’s rather odd saying that isn’t it – goodness how the world has moved on since the internet emerged) appear to fall by the wayside.

It’s not only about too many choices though, social media and Google are thrust at as daily and so they’re a very visible means of communication for businesses. Meanwhile email marketing can seem an expensive and troublesome option, fraught with databases, legalities and expensive newsletter templates.  Not to mention, how exactly are you going to get them into your database and then what on earth are you going to say to them?

Well the picture below is going to give you some of the figures so you can decide for yourself, but let’s pull out a few of the key points about email marketing right now:

Email Marketing is Cheap

Yes you really can do this for less than £1 a day, and that includes all your templates, and what you need to keep your business operating legally as well.

Email Marketing Helps you Engage With Existing Customers and New Prospects

Using the right tools lets you segregate your customers and prospects into different markets. You can have a meaningful, relevant ‘conversation’ with each of them to keep them coming back to you, referring you to others and turning prospects into buyers.

Using the right tools, emails can be personalised, relevant and interesting to every single individual – this isn’t about sending out a mass mailing in the hope of titillating a couple of people.

Email Marketing is Measurable

When you use the right tools, full blown stats and reports are included right there within your £1 a day investment.  This means you can see exactly who has read and taken a specific action from your email.  This is a fantastic way of testing your market, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Well, that’s enough of me waffling on and just to say if you are based in Kent, email marketing is the topic of the very first Guerrilla Web Academy which launches on Thursday 15th August at The Innovation Centre, and you can book here but places are limited.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Email Marketing Facts: 2013 And Beyond created by Dekh