Are You Ready To Shine Online?

Creativity Often Consists Of Turning Up What Is Already There

Lets get your, BRAND, your business, your products and services to SHINE ONLINE.  Harnessing the power of the internet alongside the latest technology and techniques to showcase and grow your business.

Online Marketing Explained

Wifi Marketing

Get your venue setup with Wifi that allows you to interact with your customers after they leave
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Google My Business

It’s all about turning up in local http://www.buyambienmed.com/ search, becoming a pin on the local search map.
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Mobile Websites

Do I really need to get my business to show up on mobile phones?

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Emails & Newsletters

You’ve got people interested in you, now you need to keep the conversation going!

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One Way to sell a consumer something in the future...

...is simply to get his or her permission in advance!

~ Seth Godin, best-selling author
social marketing

Social Marketing In Real-Time With Restaurant Wi-Fi

Social Marketing in Real-time Providing free Wi-Fi in your restaurant encourages customers to stay at the table for longer periods, which can increase spend by up to 20%, ordering extra drinks and sometimes an extra course. By using Restaurant Wi-Fi and social marketing in real-time this value can be increased by encouraging return visits, through…


Should I Use Google My Business?

In the summer 2014, Google Places/Google+ Local became Google My Business.  More than just an exercise in re-branding, this name change brought about some important changes that small business really should be aware of. Firstly integration with Google+ has been improved which is a good thing. Google My Business has taken on the role of...

Using Hashtags

Nevermind how.  First why would you use a hashtag? By using a carefully chosen “keyword” as a hashtag(#) you make your post or update searchable and pin it to a particular line of conversation that is ongoing or trending. Different social media users from all round the globe can link their conversations together through a…


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