Tips For Using Gmail

Let filters do the work Managing an inbox is no easy task, but Gmail has tools to help. You can turn any search into a filter that can then be actioned: search for emails "from:Facebook", for example, then create a [...]
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  • hashtag

Using Hashtags

Nevermind how.  First why would you use a hashtag? By using a carefully chosen “keyword” as a hashtag(#) you make your post or update searchable and pin it to a particular line of conversation that is ongoing or trending. Different […]

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  • Kent B2B July 2014

Kent B2B

Book hereBook here - it's free for delegates!Remember to book into the workshop when you arrive to reserve your place This year Sian Murphy is delivering two workshops for the Kent B2B. The first takes place on 26th June and [...]
  • Business Is Great Britain

The Great British Roadshow

I’m going to be representing Constant Contact at a great British Business initiative as part of a significant event in Liverpool as part of The Great British Business Roadshow. You can view event details here When you’re running your business, […]

  • google-my-business

Google My Business

Just this week Google announced the launch of Google My Business.   This is a new program aimed at getting business owners under the Google umbrella by giving them one place for managing their business listings in search, using Google+ and more. Google […]

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Google Plus Marketing Tips

7 Tactics To Become An Influencer On Google Plus Just because Facebook and Twitter have been around longer than Google Plus, doesn’t mean the new kid on the block should be ignored or is any less influential. Google may still […]

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  • Biz Hq Radio Show

Mark On Air About Websites, Online Real Estate And Getting It Measured!

If you happened to be in the depths of Romney Marsh yesterday, you might have seen a bald and yet strangely hairy man wandering around looking for the Channel Radio Studios.  Our very own Mark Jennings (Google Analytics Guy) was […]

  • google-analytics

What Is Bounce Rate?

We often get asked the questions – “What is bounce rate and what is a good bounce rate?” Bounce rate is the one piece of data from Google Analytics that often raises a lot of confusion for website owners.  If […]

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  • mobile site on mobile

Mobile Website – What Is That?

Mobile website design is similar to any other website, in that it is made up of HTML pages that are accessed over the internet.  On modern smart phones this is generally via 3G, 4G or wi-fi. Usually the most obvious […]

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  • email-marketing

Thinking Of Using Gmail For Business?

If you are wandering which email to use for your business and have looked at Outlook or Mail and can’t quite work out if they will deliver what you want, have you thought about using Gmail for business? OK so […]

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Mobile Web App – What Is That?

A mobile web app or mobile application, as the name suggests, combines the functionality of touch enabled devices such as smart phones with the versatility of the internet. Each mobile web app is constructed with HTML5, they provide an attractive […]

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  • Kent Invicta Chamber

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

The Ruby Marketers have delivered a number of workshops for the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, the most recent being An Introduction To Online Marketing For Local Retail, Entertainment & Service Businesses” There are more in the pipeline but if […]

  • Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

This is the second workshop we have run for Enterprise Europe Network.  In this workshop, which was delivered to around 50 delegates, we showed these local businesses how they could ‘Showcase Their Business Using The Tools Of The Internet’. Most […]

2014 Digital Trends from Marketing Thought Leaders

We keep on hearing about mobile marketing and now there’s another term we can put into the mix – multi-platform living!  Below is an excerpt from Forbes, written by Noah Elkin, Principal Analyst, eMarketer.  “Smartphones and tablets have effectively become […]

Changes to Google Analytics Reporting

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t find the reports you normally use the next time you log into your Google Analytics account.  The search giant recently conducted some changes to Google Analytics reporting in an effort to provide a more […]

Kent 2020 Marketing Live

Kent was taken by storm in October 2014 as businesses descended once again on the County Showground for Kent 2020 Marketing Live. As part of the events offering to delegates and attendees Mark delivered a presentation on Google Plus Local […]

The Power Of WordPress

You might have heard people going on about WordPress and what it can do for your business and wondered what it’s all about. Many people understand that WordPress can be used to build a website, but did you know you […]

How To Manage Events Using WordPress

You don’t have to be The Albert Hall to use events to grow your business! All sorts of businesses could be creating and managing events, especially if it’s simple to do. Events could range from a preview for your special […]

Grow Your Business With A Membership Website

What Is a Membership Website? A membership website is nothing more than an online club where the members can be groups of hamster lovers or business executives. Whilst there has to be a common thread for the concept to work, […]

Professional Business Websites For HR Consultants

After working with HR Consultants and helping them to develop their websites, I think we have a rather good handle on what the major areas are they need to address with their clients, or prospective clients. When a business turns […]

Using WordPress To Grow Your Business – It’s Way More Than A Website!

Even if you already have a WordPress Website or Blog – you may not know the power you can unleash to grow your business.  I’m not just talking here about marketing your business online, hooking up with social media and […]

  • Online Booking System

How To Create An Online Booking System With WordPress

Yes that’s right you can turn your website into a management tool to manage your client appointments.  Basically what we’re showing you here is how to create your very own online booking system through your existing WordPress Website.  Now just […] Vs

This is a very quick and dirty post to explain the difference between and  I may well come and tidy it up later but for now, because this is such an important decision to make if you are […]

The 10 Steps To Set Up Email Marketing For Your Local Business In Kent | 15th August 2013

We can dress up email marketing, sending out newsletters and information as a way of connecting, adding value, helping out, whatever you like, but at the end of the day it is all about getting more sales. And by more sales […]

What’s the ROI Of Your Social Media

Social Media is no different to any other marketing in your business. You have to know what works and what doesn’t. You also want to build on what’s working so you improve your results. If you’re not measuring the ROI […]

  • Words-Matter

Are Your Words Turning People Off?

  “Words mean nothing. Action is the only thing. Doing. That’s the only thing.” – Ernest Gaines You write words in your marketing emails. Many or few, you use them to communicate your ideas. But you don’t write words to […]

Best Email Marketing For Small Business, Consultants and Professional Services for Less Than £1 A Day!

Email Marketing Launches New Web Academy! At a recent workshop by The Ruby Marketers for the Kent University Business School to help the retailers of Rochester High Street to boost their sales, the topic of email marketing generated most questions. […]